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Wreck Check KC is Pro-Consumer, PERIOD. With over 20 years of dealership and collision management experience working locally in Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, and the Northland, we understand the in’s and out’s and are dedicated to helping vehicle owners make better collision repair decisions and vehicle purchase decisions. We are the only client advocate sticking up for our clients and we strive to educate our clients in every way possible. We want to help our clients collect the lost equity of Diminished Value after an accident, educate why NOT to trust 100% of a CarFax report, understand the true collision history of a vehicle before or after purchasing it, make sure your vehicle is repaired properly, make sure you get an honest Total Loss offer, assistance with dealer fraud, assistance with lemon law, expert automotive collision witness, and many other services. Please call or text us @ 913 998-2550 with any questions or comments.

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