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icons-01Diminished Value Claims:

Collect thousands to tens of thousands for the lost value to your vehicle when someone else caused the damages. All states allow Diminished Value to be collected. Getting the assessment done today will maximize your assessment. If anyone tells you Diminished Value doesn’t exist on your vehicle, or your DV offer seems low, verify with us first. We assist you through the entire process until you collect. Our assessment fee is often reimbursed by the at fault driver or insurance company.

icons-03Loss Of Use Claims:

Collect for the loss of use to your vehicle when someone else caused the damages. Even if you were provided a rental vehicle during the repair process, if the rental was not a “comparable vehicle” then collecting loss of use is relevant. Nearly half of all claimants can collect loss of use too.

icons-04Total Loss Help / Appraisal Process:

If you aren’t happy with the initial insurance offer to settle your total loss, contact us to work with you for an accurate and proper evaluation. Also, if the pressure to make an urgent decision will cause you to accept an irrational offer, use this service to slow down and take control.


Demand New OEM Parts and OEM Procedures:

If you take your vehicle to a body shop for repairs, demand new OEM. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. No matter what brand of vehicle you drive, demand only new parts manufactured by that brand. The body shop is often pressured by the insurance company to write the estimate or repair your vehicle using NON-OEM parts. Examples are the usage of used parts, reconditioned parts, refurbished parts, and / or aftermarket parts. If the vehicle is said to be put back to “pre-accident condition”, demand new OEM parts and demand the shop follow OEM Procedures. If the body shop does not agree to provide you with proof of OEM Procedures, you should consider finding another body shop that will. Do not allow a body shop to repair your vehicle to their own convenience or the insurance companies, protect and demand your safety. We provide a service to assist you or your body shop in the process of demanding the insurance company pay the body shop to perform proper repairs. Ask your body shop to contact us for help.


Post-Repair Inspections:

If you believe that the repair shop or insurance company didn’t provide you with what you are owed, use this service to get an evaluation of the repair quality. It is estimated that nearly 80% of all “repaired” vehicles are not repaired properly. You deserve a high quality, safe and proper repair.

icons-06Pre / Post Purchase Inspections:

CARFAX recommends that if you are in the market for a new vehicle (yes, even new), certified pre-owned or a used vehicle, get the vehicle inspected for prior collision and paint repairs. Don’t spend a premium on a previously repaired vehicle the salesperson failed to disclose to you. You can not trust the CARFAX to know everything. Just remember, Diminished Value exists on all previously damaged vehicles too.

icons-08Dealer Fraud:

It is not the position of Wreck Check Car Scan that ALL automobile dealers commit fraud, however, if you are a victim of auto dealer fraud, Wreck Check Car Scan of KC may be able to assist you with identifying the issues. Wreck Check Car Scan of KC supports automobile dealerships that conduct business in a fair and honest manner. Auto Dealer Fraud Law refers to the many fraudulent, deceptive, and unlawful practices used by automotive dealers during advertising, pricing negotiation, sales, and financing of a vehicle. These fraudulent practices can occur during almost any stage of the vehicle purchasing process. If you believe that you may be a victim of auto dealer fraud, there are steps you can take to enforce your legal rights and we can help.

icons-09Lemon Law:

Lemon Laws are state laws governing the rights of purchasers of new and used motor vehicles that are defective, do not function properly, and which have to be returned repeatedly to the dealer for repairs. These laws protect consumers from substantial defects occurring within a specified period after purchase and provide that a manufacturer must either replace the lemon with a new comparable car or refund the full purchase price.

icons-10Expert Witness:

In some cases it may be necessary to seek the assistance of an attorney. If needed, we can refer you to an attorney and / or we will work with your current attorney to represent you as your automotive expert.

icons-02Collision Monitoring / Estimate Review:

This service will outline the actual damages to your vehicle during the repair process and will assist you in achieving proper collision repairs. Remember, insurers utilize staff and independent appraisers in an attempt to control the cost of repairs to your vehicle. We find that the initial insurance company estimates are from 40 – 60 % less than the actual repairs and in many cases the estimates do not address repairs to major structural and safety components. Remember, “Good repairs aren’t cheap and cheap repairs aren’t good”.

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